Do You Ride Horses in Belgium? This Bentley Bentayga Is for You - CNET

2022-07-22 09:17:24 By : Ms. Alison Chan

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The Bentayga Belgian Equestrian Edition is limited to just 10 units.

Bentley's dealers in Belgium have created their first limited edition model in collaboration with the company's Mulliner customization division, and it's aimed and people that do show jumping with horses. Called the Bentayga Belgian Equestrian Collection, only 10 units will be built, all of which will obviously be sold in Belgium.

The Equestrian Collection is based on the Bentayga V8, and it comes with options like 22-inch wheels, the sport exhaust system and a carbon-fiber styling kit as standard. Each one is painted in the stunning shade of Spectre, a super metallic chocolate brown that contrasts well with the Burnt Oak interior. The cabin has lots of Mandarin bright orange stitching, quilted Herringbone Sand Tweed inserts in the door panels and center console, and a wood veneer with the special edition's name as a metal overlay.

Bentley worked with Stephex to create the Equestrian Collection, with that brand's horse flag logo embroidered into the headrests and pillows. Stephex is a leading brand for horse trucks and stables that also puts on events, with the Equestrian Collection debuting at the Brussels Stephex Masters show jumping competition in August. Bentley's Belgian dealers say that many of their customers are involved in the horse world, so the Equestrian Collection is the perfect homage to those athletes.

My mom has ridden horses for most of her life and currently participates in dressage competitions, and she says that while this Bentayga is beautiful, it doesn't actually add anything that a rider really needs and is not the type of vehicle that would realistically be used to tow horses or transport muddy riders. (She drives a fabulous, well-used Ram 1500.) Land Rover, though, is a different story. The new Range Rover is offered with an Equestrian Pack developed in partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation that comes with rubber floor mats and mud flaps, an integrated portable rinse system with a hose, and a number of branded items like a Yeti cooler, blanket, garment bag and horse cooler.

That's not to say you would never see a Bentayga at a horse show -- my mom routinely spots high-end SUVs at her events, they're just typically driven by the horse owners or people that aren't competing. So Bentley, if you're listening, there are plenty of wealthy riders out there that would love some more practical accessories for their Bentyagas. The SUV would certainly look great covered in mud, towing a horse trailer and parked in front of a fancy stable.